1170-Kennedy Space Center – Merritt Island, FL

Went on a wonderful bus tour of the Kennedy Space Center launch facilities. We visited launch sites for all of the Space Shuttles as well as Apollo moon flights. Yes it’s kind of touristy, but well worth it.

XXX_3143SpaceX launching site.

XXX_3145Vehicle Assembly building.
This is where the space shuttles were attached to the rockets.

XXX_3146Another launch site.

XXX_3148SpaceX again.


XXX_3155Space junkies.

XXX_3159New launch facility for a new rocket in 2016.

XXX_3161Crawler that hauled the space shuttles to the launch pad.

XXX_3164Crawler drove on this stone path to the launch sites.

XXX_3168Another launch site.

XXX_3171These Apollo and Space Shuttles launched from launch pad 39-A.


XXX_3176These Apollo and Space Shuttles launched from launch pad 39-B.

XXX_3179 XXX_3180

XXX_3184Vehicle assembly building.