1202.1 LAN Flight – Easter Island, Chile

Flights in and out to Easter Island are challenging. There is one flight per day so if there is a problem you have to wait until the next day. We boarded the plane for our return flight to Chile and began accelerating down the runway. Suddenly the plane slows and the pilot announces we are returning to the gate. After about an hour on the plane waiting for an announcement, all passengers were moved to the boarding area. For the next eight hours crews worked on the left engine as we all watched. They brought in fire trucks and did a full-power engine test. They finally removed all of the luggage and put everyone up in hotels across the island. The next morning that day’s plane arrived with the new part for the engine. We boarded the new plane that departed leaving the previous day’s plane siting at the gate with the box for the new part on the ladder leading up to the engine. It was real local experience.

[vimeo id=”133936906″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

DSCN4336Got this far on take off before turning around.

DSCN4321Airport waiting room.




DSCN4341 - Version 2

They were working on the engine with a 48″ crowbar. The guy on the right has it in his right hand. I say them pulling on it with both of them attempting to “fix” the engine.

DSCN4339Then the guy in the checked shirt (whom we met at the rock carvings) picks up a parking cone and starts yelling off-color soccer jokes that only the locals could understand.



DSCN4365Next morning a new plan arrives with the part for the old plane. And we were gone.