1247-Pecos River, TX

First big bridge on the journey – the Pecos River. Just did two hundred miles of open desert with forty-mile cross winds and fifty-mile gusts. Had to tack the bike over about twenty-five degrees just to keep from being blown off the road and to slow down to around forty-five mph when the fifty-mile-an-hour gusts hit. Interesting times for my second day on the bike.

My first lesson on the bike with my mentor was “look where you want to go and the bike will take you there.” What this means is if a semi truck is passing you and you look at the tires that are 24” from you, you will go into the tires. Do not look at the truck. Keep your focus straight ahead – where you want to go. So, I’m crossing the Pecos River and the road narrows to just a little wider than a car. I’m in lane two next to the bridge guard rail (that is only 18” high)!!! As I’m crossing the bridge going about sixty, a semi truck barrels up and sits next to me for the entire length of the bridge. Two hundred feet down on the right over the 18” guard rail and a hurtling semi on my left for the next four hundred yards, I had to focus on where I wanted to go and not what was inches from me on either side and calling my name. The semi left me in the dust after the bridge and I reflected on the lesson learned on my second day on the bike. It was a great lesson for life as well – “look where you want to go and the bike will take you there.”

DSCN4498On the road.


DSC_5478Down the river.

DSC_5475Up the river.

DSC_5472It gets windy here as it tried to blow me off the road.