1249-Houston Flooding – TX

My original plan for the trip was to arrive in Houston and ride north through Austin and across the top of Texas and into New Mexico. The scenery would have been hilly, green, and beautiful. I only had two weeks for this ride when I flew to Houston. Unfortunately, during this period, Austin and central Texas were experiencing the worst rain and flooding Texas had seen in a hundred years. Austin was receiving ten inches of rain per day and thousands of homes had been destroyed. Apparently I was not going to ride through the Austin area. The night before I was to pick up the bike, a huge storm crossed Houston leaving hundreds of homes flooded and thousands of cars under water. I arrived at the bike shop to find it had been flooded during the night, yet the bike was ready for me. I packed my bags, put only gear and pulled out of the driveway and rode through six inch deep water in intersections. I went directly south to the Mexican border and turned right and spent the next week hugging the border and attempting avoid the inclement weather. I watched the weather channel every night and altered my departure times and course accordingly, never getting wet! But, the nasty weather was all around me and I could see it in the distance as I hauled westward.

[vimeo id=”135156573″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


Houston1Trying to avoid all of this.

Houston4Weather kept moving westward and trying to get me.

Flooding1Near the bike shop.