1252-Dave’s Bike – CA

One of my best pals at the university in Alaska is Dave. He is an avid BMW motorcycle rider and has travelled in and out of Alaska and across the country many times on his GS1200. Since I was 19 I had always wanted to ride a motorcycle across the country. On several occasions Dave showed me his bike and let me ride it in a parking lot, never getting above second gear. I was always excited to experience Dave’s bike – even in a parking lot. Dave rode out of Alaska and through Southern California on his way to Houston, TX. From there he began an around-the-world trip eventually ending up in Argentina where he is teaching. He phoned me and said his bike was in storage in Houston, and would I want to come and get it and ride it back to SoCal. I hung up the phone and was never more excited and frightened at the same time. For the next three months, I researched the best gear and where to get the best training eventually ending up making friends with Riverside BMW Motorcycles in Riverside, CA, and Rawhyde BMW Motorcycle training near Castaic, CA. I had an all-day private training session on Friday, and rented a bike for Saturday and rode 200 miles into the mountains by myself. A week later after having never been on a bike before and with two days of riding, I flew to Houston, picked up Dave’s bike, and rode it 2,000 miles back to Southern California. The next few posts are about that journey.

DSCN4060Dave trying to get me.

DSCN4058Only going to get to second gear in a parking lot.