1259-Sierras – Sequoia National Park, CA

Just completed a 650 mile bike trip to the Mojave Desert and up and over the California Sierras and into Sequoia National Park. The ride was sponsored by BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, CA and included eighteen world-class touring riders and me. Hangin’ with the big dogs was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. The other riders have ridden the world and I had only been on a bike eight weeks. I was up for the challenge and completed the ride being the last one in on very segment. Being pushed by the big boys helped me grow as a rider and I am appreciative to all the members of the tour who were patient and helpful with me. I especially want to thank Steve and Stacey who rode two-up and took all of the photos in this post. My focus was staying on the road in the 10,000 turns and not seeing the scenery and taking photos. I especially want to throw out thanks to Mark and Tony for being sweep riders making sure the last guy finished – me.


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[vimeo id=”136404247″ width=”620″ height=”360″]Riveside

SierraRide7Leaving from BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, CA

SierraRide1Thank you Steve & Stacey Mitchell – world-class touring riders who took all of the photos in this post.

SierraRide9Somewhere in the mountains.

SierraRide2Taking off with Mark & Julie.

They were not kidding – a twisty road – 10,000 turns.

SierraRide4Group meeting before the ride into Sequoia National Park.

Along the trail

There I am.

SierraRide10I’ve joined a motorcycle club.

Riding up from the Mojave Desert into the Sierras

DSC_6453Seeing a few of the big trees in Sequoia National Park.