1266-Cal-Earth – Hesperia, CA

Driving through the side-by-side cookie-cutter houses with identical green lawns off the freeway in Hesperia, CA, you suddenly turn into a alien world of bee-hive shaped structures in the middle of the desert. These alternative homes are the creation of visionary architect Nader Khalili who wanted to create sustainable homes built from the earth that were easy to construct and would be indestructible. We toured the training facility and viewed the model homes using the adobe/cement construction method. They were as modern as any tract home with all of the amenities.


DSC_6472Interiors of these adobe homes were no different than the the square wood structures
seen on the left of the photo. The adobe homes were sustainable and built from
resources from the land.

DSC_6474Beehive woman



DSC_6480Pottery window holes with hand-blown glass.



DSC_6487The structures are built with sand/cement/dirt-filled bags held together with a strip of barbed wire.
This wire holds the bags together like a pre-stressed concrete structure.

DSC_6489Other test structures.

DSC_6492Hobbit land.