1270-Golden Gate – San Francisco, CA

On my way to the Muir Woods I drove up the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge for a wonderful view of San Francisco. I ended hiking through a cement tunnel in the hillside to the site of an old WWII artillery gun emplacement. This cannon protected the opening to San Francisco harbor against attack.

In the center of the tunnel a corridor appeared that was so dark that you could not see your hand in front of you. Like a curious fool, I slowly walked into the dark room hoping not to fall into a pit or something. I fired off a shop with the camera for lighting and found a gallery of interesting graffiti.

DSC_6887Up on the cliff overlooking the Golden gate Bridge and San Francisco.

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DSC_6911Would you go there?

DSC_6909Dark corridor on the right.

DSC_6894Former gun emplacement.

DSC_6897Huge cannon peered out from this protective hat.

DSC_6896Guarding the Golden Gate Bridge to the left and the upper Marin County coastline.

DSC_6908Graffiti inside the dark room. Only the camera flash could illuminate.