1281-Life & Death – Costa Rica

I experienced a bizarre life and death event at the iguana pond. I was standing on the shore when suddenly a 36” green iguana fell from a thirty foot high tree limb above and landed upside down on a rock. He bounced once and flipped over on his stomach. He laid there for a while and I thought he was just in shock. Iguanas fall from trees all the time. I looked up to see what had caused the fall and saw a big boy iguana had chased him to the end of the branch, where apparently he fell.

I left and walked around the pond photographing other iguanas. I came back to see if he was okay. He was still laying there and not moving. On the way back from dinner, I stopped by to find he had not moved.

The next morning I returned to the pond to find him still in the same spot, but sitting up with his front legs. He was still not moving. I went and asked a worker if there was anyone at the resort who did anything with injured animals, and I was told he would check. I never found anyone. That evening, I returned to the pond to find him in the same spot but he had lifted himself up with his front legs on a stick. He waited until I took his photograph, posing in the sun for a handsome portrait. Suddenly, he spins into the air, thrashes around as if something was attaching him from the bushes. He was in the fight for his life at this moment, spinning, flying, jumping in a gran mal convulsive epileptic spasm that lasted for about 15 seconds.

The final death throe threw him into the pond where he twitched and jerked and splashed in the water. All of the other creatures in the pond heard the commotion, and quickly paddled over to see what was happening. He flipped several time in the water, went under, came up, splashed a little more and then stopped moving. After a few minutes, a final bubble floated up, and the pond was still.

I was in shock. I was at the same spot the day before and saw him fall, and now, I was at the same spot and watched him die. Crazy thoughts started running through my head. What was this all about? I saw him fall, returned several times to see if he was okay, and then, did he wait for me to come back one more time so he could die? Holy shit!!!

I have thought about this for days and I still don’t have the answer, but maybe someday it will all become clear. If you readers have any thoughts on this, send me an email. I would love to sort it all out.

DSC_7613Fell from tree and landed on this rock.

DSC_7589This is the guy that chased to the end of the branch.

DSC_7607He laid here for two days.

DSC_7615Finally raised up a little

DSC_7630Climbed to this branch, looked right at me for his final photo.

DSC_7661Flopped into the water and thrashed around.

DSC_7678His last bubble.