1291-Coffee Plantation – Costa Rica

Visited a coffee plantation that grows high-end coffee for the international markets. Three pickings are done over a four-month period. Only the red beans are picked each time. It’s an old-school method with shelling, washing, and drying of the beans. Some of the coffee from this plantation sells for $4,500 for a single bag. None of those beans ever hit the American markets.

[vimeo id=”151085429″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

DSC_7088Coffee beans growing.

DSC_7072Plantation processing building.

DSC_7051Guide showing us how the beans are picked.

DSC_7055Coffee processing equipment.

DSC_7059Shelling and washing the beans.


DSC_7056Washing the beans.

DSC_7057Washing tanks.

DSC_7070Beans are sun-dried for several days being turned by hand every two hours.


DSC_7067Bag on the left is the highest quality of white beans and sells for $4,500. Middle bag is high quality and the bag on the
right is a mixture of middle and low quality beans. The bag on the right is what is exported to America.

DSC_7065Old processing equipment.