1299-Architecture – Costa Rica

The architecture of San Jose is a mixture off French and Spanish architectural styles. Here are some of the major sites.

DSC_7014Former military headquarters. Those are bullet holes from the civil war of 1948.

DSC_7008Old presidential palace. The president now lives in an apartment and you can knock on his front door and he just might answer.

DSC_6980French inspired architecture.


DSC_6962Old storage facility for wealthy people many years ago.

DSC_6961First theater in Costa Rica.

DSC_6960Sculpture in the lobby of the opera house.

DSC_6958Opera house.

DSC_6943Stature honoring the peasants who were relocated during the modernization of Costa Rica to accommodate the tourist trade as the main source of income for the country. As you can see, they are not happy. They fought any attempt to bring the country into the 20th century.

DSC_6920Political figures are everywhere.

DSC_6916Art gallery installation featuring a motorcycle club.