1305-Orangutans – San Diego Zoo

Orangutans seem the wisest of all the primates. They have such depth to their faces and stare off into the sky with a knowing wonderment that they are trapped in this life-time, but will have another turn soon. They are here for our enjoyment and are okay with that. It’s almost an orangutan Hindu thing. I love these guys, the little baby, and the old one.

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DSC_7924Daddy hangin’ around.

DSC_7927Junior having the day to romp and play.


DSC_7932This senior either had so much wisdom and was transcending the moment, or was in a state of deep depression. He sat at the window and looked back at the tourists. If you looked deep into his eyes, you either connected with a deeper world, or were frightened and turned away. I could have stayed all afternoon and communed with this old guy. He was the the most wonderful connection at the zoo.