1310-Animals – San Diego Zoo

I’m not an animals in cages guy. I deeply resent that humans have Darwinianly seized the moment to capture and cage the beasts of the world simply because they can. On our visit to Costa Rica (in earlier posts) we happened across a small zoo that had imprisoned a family of jaguars and cougars in too small of an area for healthy survival. I did not include those photos in the blog. They were too disturbing to me.

On a trip to San Diego, I had an afternoon to kill and wanted to see a space I had not seen in 30 years – the San Diego Zoo. Maybe it was hypocritical of me to go since I had just returned from Costa Rica and that disturbing zoo experience. But here I was with my camera. If we as humans are going to trap and cage animals for our own viewing pleasure, no one does it better than the San Diego Zoo. They presented the beasts in a a much more guilt-free environment than a small under-funded cage house in a third-world country or small-town America.

Animal Gallery – Click here for larger photos of the animals.