133-Seward, AK

Seward is the furthest point south of Anchorage on the peninsula. I went there to check out the Kenai area and to see the city. All of the huge cruise ships port in Seward. The harbor in Anchorage is too far out of the way for the glacier cruise lines that come up from Seattle and Vancouver. When the ships arrive they bus the passengers to Anchorage so they can do that tourist thing they do so well. I also happened upon a whale watching tour. I got there just in time and was the last one to board.





seward2Since Alaska is volcanic in nature, all of the mountains project directly out of the water with little or no beach areas. The water is deep enough along the coast so that the whale boats can get in close to view the shore wildlife. The day I was there was perfect. Blue skies, white clouds, and calm waters.