1337-Golden Gate Bridge, CA

For the longest time I have wanted to ride a motorcycle across the Golden Gate bridge. On this trip I had the opportunity. I rode from Santa Cruz to St. Helena in the wind country north of San Francisco. I rode all the way up Route 1 along the California coast. Unfortunately, it was foggy again and I saw nothing as I sped north. I had spent sleepless nights worrying about how I was going to avoid downtown San Francisco with all of the hills, heavy traffic, stop lights. I plotted a strategic path up Route 1 on the west coast and then popping on to the bridge with little trouble. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I got in the wrong lane and got dumped into downtown San Francisco totally lost. I pulled over to realign my GPS. It then tried to save me. But there was no correction to get me back on the freeway. I rode across the downtown on surface streets, hills, street car tracks, hundreds of stop lights all not timed well, for over an hour following the GPS solution to get me to the bridge. I finally got there and it was glorious achieving a goal I have had for a long time. I also appreciated the Karmic moment I just had in having to face a fear I have had for a long time. Through training and preparation, our simple fears and consternations, can be overcome when somehow our cosmic connections allow us to fuck up and then make us pull through the situation we have dreaded to achieve a higher self.

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DSC_9442All fogged in.

IMG_1415I made it across.

Map-St. Helena