1339-Elk Herd, OR

So I’m cruising along and up pops a warning sign on the road: DANGER ELK CROSSING!!!

Okay, I’ll be alert. I passed a field and there was a flock, a hive, a nest, a school, a clowder, a posse, a pod (I don’t know what the hell they’re called) a swarm of elk. This troop of elk is the largest congregation of Roosevelt Elk in the Redwood National Park. It was wonderful to get this close to the skulk of elk.

DSC_9456Elk herd with the little red school house.

DSC_9458One of the out buildings on this farm. Looked kind of historic.

DSC_9459Elk wondering what the dude in the yellow jacked was going to do to him

DSC_9460Forget it, let’s eat.