1341-Weed Mania – Coos Bay, OR

Today I made my final stop today in Coos Bay, OR. Staying at the Red Lion Hotel in Eureka, I was treated well, so I booked a room online. Checking in at the front counter I was greeted with “Good afternoon, are you here for the weed fair? “Weed fair, what’s a weed fair?” I asked. “It’s behind us here in the conference room.” I told him that I was from another place where they don’t have weed fairs. But realizing I was in Oregon, I figured it out and told him I would check it out. I don’t bake and ride. I want to be on my game all the time on the bike, so I don’t mess with any of this on the road. I checked in, and soon realized that everyone in and out of the hotel was stoned. I conned my way into the fair and was astonished to find the size of this industry going on in the open. Oregon was one of the first to decriminalize pot and a multi-million dollar industry blossomed. It was not just a bunch of weed heads, but normal people at this fair. I was amazed. Check out the photos.



DSC_9471How many pipes can you have?

DSC_9472 About 25 booths.

DSC_9473There is even job placement assistance.

DSC_9474This machine extracts the essential oils rom the leaves. The guy told meow it works, and it’s as involved as a chemistry lesson from the Breaking Bad dude,

DSC_9476Happy bakers.

DSC_9477Weed hits mainstream.

DSC_9479Always got to have this service with the laws change.

DSC_9480Weed infused carmel corn…No frickin way!!!

DSC_9482This is a processing kit for the true connoisseur.

DSC_9484Party down.

DSC_9485She sold various tools and devices for your pleasure.


DSC_9496More pipes than you could ever use.