1348-Inernational Space Station

Trout Lake, OR is in the middle of the forest and there is no light pollution at night from street lights or another city. It’s totally black. The night sky was one of the rare experiences a city boy can have. Doug is a night sky watcher and has a great telescope to spot on the mountain as well as look at stars. He found the the International Space Station was shooting by this night. We waited until 11:12 PM and there it was. It was so bright, so large, and so fast. The entire viewing across the 180 degree sky lasted less than 2 minutes. The station is traveling 17,000 miles per hour and circles the earth in a couple of hours. I have never shot time lapse photos at night, so here is my first. The camera was able to pick thousands of stars that the human eye cannot see.


The streak is the International Space Station as it zooms out of range. We could not see any of these star with our eye. It’s only after seeing the digital photograph that this Hubble type experience happened.