1349-Bonneville Dam – Columbia Gorge, OR

he Bonneville Dam and locks across the Columbia River were first built in 1896 to allow shipping the bypass the Cascades Rapids. A small power generating plant was built in the 1920. During WWII, the dam was expanded to produce electrical power for the Boeing plants in Seattle and Portland areas. Since then, more generating capacity was added eventually becoming the river control monster it is today.

This was a real challenge riding to the visitor center. along metal bridges (that aren’t friendly to bikes) and all to the parallel railroad tracks in every road. Not a good place for bikes.

[vimeo id=”169802546″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

DSC_9646Turbine blades.

DSC_9647Flood control section of the dam.

DSC_9650Section of the gorge.

DSC_9655Checking out the fish going through the ladder. Notice the lamprey handing on the glass.

DSC_9658Fish ladder.

DSC_9661Power house and lock.