1353-Kokopelli Grill – Port Angeles, WA

I happened upon one of the best foodie experiences I have had in a long long time – in Port Angeles, WA of all places. This locally sourced, organic, with fresh sustainable seafood with a southwestern touch gave me a taste experience that will be worth the drive from Seattle the next time I am near. Let me tell you how this went down.

It all began with a Mac & Jack’s African Amber beer. Never had it before and I will search it out. I started with a small caesar salad with fresh locally grown greens topped with a light favorable olive oil-based dressing. The second appetizer was a small cup of fire-roasted corn and smoked salmon New England chowder. Once I had this, I told the waiter that I had to have a sampler plate. He suggested the seafood extravaganza. The plate included a crab cake in tomatillo sauce with aioli infused topping; shrimp and scallops in a tomatillo sauce with Dijon mustard; and a small piece of wild-caught salmon topped with chimichurri sauce with a side of garlic mashed potatoes with poblano peppers. The flavors worked well with one another and did not become confusing. As I worked around the plate, my tongue exploded and I couldn’t get over how amazing this experience was.

Three table turns happened around me as I took my time savoring every morsel. The local craft beer menu was well appointed and the wine selection was not shabby. I appreciated the soundtrack in the background. I have not heard Procal Harem in a mix with Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Righteous Brothers, and Dave Matthews – ever!

Even tough I was completely full, I had to test one of their signature desserts. I selected the black cherry apple buckle that took 15-20 minutes to bake just for me. It took me a half an hour to finish the dessert. I waddled out of the restaurant and happier and satisfied man having had one of the best foodie experiences that I can remember.

IMG_1464Well appointed main room.

IMG_1469This is the seafood extravaganza.

IMG_1471Black cherry apple buckle.

IMG_1474One of the chefs doing the fresh thing.