1354-Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC is a beautiful and fun city in which to explore. I returned from the Butchart Gardens visit and landed at the inner harbor in downtown. I strolled around checking out the waterfront and wondered into one of my favorite things in a major metropolitan city – street musician – buskers. I always give money to anyone who has the courage and the desperate need to earn money by plying an interesting form of entertainment on the general public. The guy on the marimba and drum set was maniac. I’m sure he was high as a kite. The Darth Vader was more gypsy than violinist. The country boys played clean simple from the heart blues and ballads. The Amish woman in her hand made dress was probably the most out of place here in Victoria. They don’t allow guns into Canada, but they should have used what they had on the bagpipe guy. Same song, same key, same skirt.

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[vimeo id=”170336460″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

[vimeo id=”170333595″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Victoria map

DSC_9834This guy was a maniac on the marimba and drum set.

DSC_9836Gypsy Darth Vader.

DSC_9841These country boys were excellent.

DSC_9828 Government headquarters.

DSC_9839 Topiary Orcas.

DSC_9847Need to go somewhere? You fly out of here. Down town airport.

DSC_9849Welcome to Victoria.

DSC_9851And of course, Japanese girls jumping in a photo (not for me).