1370-Frantic Follies – Whitehorse, YT

Okay, I did a super tourista thing while in Whitehorse. I went to the Vaudeville Review called the Frantic Follies. It was campy, it was cute, and it was fun, and it was stupid. Well, the audience was 95% 70+ off the tour bus and they loved it. The show was part vaudeville schtick, part Laugh-In, part musical review, and mostly Hee Haw. I mostly enjoyed watching the audience laugh at corny jokes.


DSC_9953Even at my age, I think I was the youngest person the room.

ducktailAnd sitting in front of me was a real ducktail.


DSC_9956Dancing girls.

DSC_9960Kicking girls.


DSC_9963This Amish man was beside himself when he got picked to be in this skit.

DSC_9965Everyone played multiple instruments – even saw.



DSC_9974Hee Haw skits

DSC_9977More kicking.

Frantic-Follies-Sandwich-Board3All the players.