14-At The Mall – France

I was in the mall today and realized that dogs are allowed. All of these dogs are well mannered and walk quietly with their masters. One dog would pass another without even looking, or without the desire to sniff the other’s butt. Dogs are also allowed in restaurants. At lunch time, a women walked in with a large beast and it sat under her chair like a good doggie. No one seemed to know what would happen if one of the dogs decided to take a pee on the leg of a mannequin. I didn’t want to be around for that.

I also saw something that made me laugh out loud. One mall store had a display of clothes emblazoned with “Deep  Sea Fishing Club of Hampton Beach, NH. I wonder how many people in France know where New Hampshire is let alone Hampton Beach. It’s no place they would ever want to go. I know, I have been there too many times when I lived in New Hampshire for seven years. I guess it sounded far away and exotic. In reality, it’s a toilet of a town that’s disgusting during the summer.


Deep  Sea Fishing Club – Hampton Beach, NH.

Finally, it was a little disconcerting walking in one store and having to listen to Billy Joel sing “Uptown Girl.” But, it was better than all the loud techno house music played in the other shops. In these shops I kept thinking I was in a gay disco (like I’ve ever been in one) and was afraid to go back into the changing room to try on anything – ha ha. The mall is an American invention and I guess the music automatically comes along with it.