1418-State Capitol Park

The park adjacent to the State Capitol is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained parks I have visited in a long time. I was at a conference in a hotel across the street from the Capitol and visited the park many times over several days. The park contains every tree, cactus, flower, and bush that grows within the borders of the state. The variety of plants was amazing but the real feature was the trees. From coastal redwoods, to oaks, cedar, and pine, the trees towered over the park blotting out the sun on many occasions while allowing the sweet smell of the rose garden to waft through the branches. The trees filled the garden with mother earth energy. I found myself touching many of the trees and embraced the peace that they gave me.

dsc_0990State capitol peaking through the palms.

dsc_0992Wonderful tribute to firefighters who have given their lives to keep us safe.


dsc_1476Rose garden.

dsc_1483Every cactus and succulent that grows in California was here.




dsc_1496This was a huge beer festival across the street from the State Capitol. About 5,000 people.