1419-Governor Portraits

Three years out of office, a former Governor to the State of California is given up to $50,000 to commission a painting of himself to hang in the main stairway. Anything price over the $50K is paid for by the former Governor. Most former Governors used the appropriation wisely, but some were over the top and others were frugal. Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly spent over $500,000 for his portrait while former Governor (and current Governor of the State for a second time) Jerry Brown spent $12,000 with a local Sacramento artist for his likeness. As you can see in the paintings, you gotta love Jerry Brown.

dsc_1011Arnold Schwarzenegger

dsc_1012Gray Davis

dsc_1013Pete Wilson

dsc_1014George Duekmejian

dsc_1016Ronald Reagan

dsc_1015And of course Jerry Brown