1420-State Capitol

My hotel was across the street from the State Capitol so I scuttled my way into one of the tours. The Capitol is small and serviceable and can be toured in under an hour. Many of the old-time offices have been preserved so visitors can see how the state was run during the gold rush of the late 1800s. The Legislature chambers were open but was not in session.

dsc_1001Every County in the state has a window extolling how wonderful it is to live there.

dsc_1002Looking up in the rotunda.

dsc_1005Safe used in the State Treasurer’s Office in the late 1800s.

dsc_1009State Treasurer’s Office in the late 1800s.
The large safe on the left is where all of the gold to run the state government was kept.

dsc_1010State Legislature chambers.

dsc_1019Beautiful woodwork through the entire old section of the capitol.



dsc_1023Governor’s old office (1800s).