1421-Scramento, CA

Sacramento is a delightful and fun city that just happens to be the capitol of the State of California. I found it to be clean and safe with beautiful landscaping, an interesting mix of architectural styles, a vibrant young culturally diverse population, excellent mass transit, but with a very visible homeless population. The mix of the State capitol along with a short walk to Old Town made for good exercise as well as a visit to many different neighborhoods. For being a “B” size metropolitan city, Sacramento has some of the best local museums I’ve seen in a long time. Check out some of the later posts.

dsc_1452Yea, it’s a painting.

dsc_1457Many treelined streets.

dsc_1459Many drunk people peddling their way across town.

dsc_1464Topiary everywhere.

dsc_1465Don’t mess with the CHP. They will just run into you and then steal your bike.