1422-Mohave Desert, CA

Janine was in Las Vegas for a trade show so I drove to pick her up and to cruise through the Mojave desert on the way back to Southern California. Leaving Interstate 10 before Baker, we drove south through the barren hills of the desert, up over a few small mountains, and climb up to the high desert of 29 Palms, Yucca Valley, and Joshua Tree. The weather was beautiful with 75 degrees, no clouds, no traffic, just amazing desert all with the windows down.

dsc_1620Out across the desert through many mountain ranges.

dsc_1622Amboy, CA – in the middle of nothing.


dsc_1626Christmas tree in Amboy, CA.

dsc_1628Gotta do the Route 66 thing through Amboy.

dsc_1630Another Xmas tree decorated with shoes.

dsc_1632This was a cool contrail we saw in the desert.

dsc_1636Interesting weather going on at about 10,000 feet.