1471-Brother Leo – St. Amant, LA

Janine’s brother Leo died unexpectedly a couple of years ago. She was his only relative and had to spend months in Louisiana closing out his affairs, disposing of all his stuff. Leo lived in the bayou half way between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. His house had been damaged by a couple of hurricanes over the years and he was living in a trailer and partially in the dilapidated house. Leo was in motorcycle gangs, had hundreds of guns, tools, twenty or thirty cars in various states of repair, and even had a city bus and ambulance. When it was all said and done, everything Leo ever owned was dispatched and what was left buried in a huge hole along with the damaged house that was burned to the ground. The property was sold to a neighbor and turned into a horse pasture.

We stopped by Leo’s former property and had a Cajun tailgate party in his honor. Crawfish, po’ boys, potato salad, and old slaw. Quite the feast as the horses ran past us.

Tailgating for Leo.

Leo’s world used to be in the middle of this field.