1496-Roller Derby – Mission Viejo, CA

Who knew it, but I guess I’m into women’s flat track roller derby. When I was living in Alaska, several of my students were on the Anchorage team so as any red-blooded male, I attended several times to see woman beat the shit out of each other. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but they do get really hurt sometimes. I found out that one of my colleagues at my current College (Michelle Duffy) was on the local team and she invited me to attend. It turns out that the local team is national rated and they recently competed against the Anchorage, AK team (and got their butts kicked). The Alaska team was basically grizzle bears in women suits. Yikes! The team plays on a local flat track in a neighboring city and it was great seeing someone you know be a bad-ass you didn’t know she was.

Michelle and Me