1515-Driving – India

If you ever thought driving was a challenge, then you haven’t driven in India. We had drivers everywhere we went in India. You could not manage the roads yourself without extensive experience living in India. Picture this – three marked lanes for traffic, a line of five cars wide plow down the road with a motorcycle between each of the five cars. Pedestrians dash between all of the moving vehicles and then a cow decides to walk across the highway. This is Indian driving in one sentence. But the amazing fact of the situation, there is a lot of horn honking, but it is not in anger, but is’t one car communicating with another. They honk back at each other as if in Morse code. It’s like a school of fish or a flock of birds all moving as a group together but each player changing lanes and speeding up to slip into a new space that has appeared ahead. If I wanted to, I could reach out the window of the car and touch the other car or the shoulder of a motorcycle rider. No one ever crashed in all of our three weeks of riding in cars.

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