1520-New Years Party – India

Hurtling across the southern Indian plains at 70 mph with the train rocking and rolling from side to side, drinks flowing, the DJ blasting Indian dance music, we greeted the new year with a party to remember. Flashing lights, too much champaign, screaming and yelling, crazy dancing, all seemed like a 1960’s LSD movie experience. To add to the excitement, we counted down to the new year and at exactly midnight, they flicked off the lights in the entire train car. Everyone thought, Oh Shit!!!, an immediate silence embraced the car as we stood in complete darkness that seemed to last too long as the train continued to speed into the night. Suddenly, the lights and music started up and everyone screamed and the crazy party began again.

[vimeo id=”251539488″ width=”620″ height=”360″]