1523-Village – India

One of our stops was to tour a local village. It was just the two of us and a guide who happened to live in the village. We walked through a field of potatoes and egg plant, down a dusty road, and into the outskirts of a rural peasant farm village. It made me uncomfortable being a voyeur from another world looking at these people as if they were in the zoo. The guide opened up the wall of a family’s house to show them grinding wheat, making bread, and still sleeping in bed in a dirt floored hut. I was too embarrassed to take a photo until the guide told me to shoot, and it was okay with the people.

We walked the streets of this little village and these are some of the visuals we saw.

The only source of water in the village.

This family makes shoes.

Vegetable market.

They revere their cows.

Whenever bread is made the cows get the first slice.

People are living in that tent.

Family living in a dirt-floored shack – still sleeping, riding sheet a, and making bread.

The dogs dig a hole next to the fire pit in which to sleep.