1529-Miscellaneous Stuff – India

This is a collection of photos of things that didn’t fit in any category.

This was the ceiling in one of the lounges in the hotel in Hyderabad.

This was a DANGER sign on the train. I’ve never seen one in this many languages and with
at the creepiest skull and cross bones in the world.

It’s time to worship a cow I guess.

India has had a a recent problem of rapes in cabs. Women are also afraid to ride on the bus alone. This is a concerted effort to end this fear. Cabs have joined a program that let’s women know that this is a safe cab.

Common mode of transportation in India.

These types of signs are all over India. I don’t quite know what they are advertising,
but to me it looks like wanted posters for felons.There are religious temples on every corner.

This made me sad to be an American when I was given this on a airplane in India.