158-Native Games – Anchorage, AK

The World Eskimo Indian Olympics is a multii-day event the draws Native Alaskans from all areas of the state to compete in traditional native athletics. Such events as the blanket toss, seal skinning, knuckle hop, and one-hand reach. All of these events are to showcase the skills required for survival. They took agility, endurance, skill, and strength. It was also a way to teach their children that they had to be tough to make it on their own, not in just in one area, but in all, because no part of the body was left untested. This gathering also displayed native arts and crafts along with foods and clothing.


games5Dance groups also competed.

games4This person was selling whale baleen which is used to make many artistic and practical items,

games3Traditional drum circles are also organized.

games2One-hand reach requires a person to balance on one hand and reach up and
touch the suspended ball. The ball is raised as participants fail.