1582-Loose Gravel-Yukon

I hate loose gravel on the road. If you are not careful and slow down, trouble is waiting for you. The Yukon was some of the worst roads in North America. Their are two seasons in the Yukon –  winter and road repair, or should I say loose gravel. They don’t pave here, they spread gravel, spay with oil and roller is down. I have road tires on the bike, and loose gravel is not their friend. I usually cruise at 75 mph on good road, but when there is gravel, I go to second gear and roll at under 25 mph. Speed balls always ned to pass me, but good for them.

This video show some of the struggles involving loose gravel, and unfortunately, show another rider who went too fast. This unfortunate scene was on the Canadian side before entering Skagway.

[vimeo id=”275361935″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Here comes the gravel.

Not a good scene. I don’t know what happened to this guy. I asked at the border crossing.