1584-Skagway, AK

Skagway, AK is a sleepy town of about 1,000 people that grows to 16,000 during the summer tourist season. The season is the curse ship period between June and September. Each day up to four giant cruise ships dock at the port and unload up to 11,000 tourists on this little one-street town. I was around for both events – filled and empty.

Skagway was the entry point for the miners seeking fortune in the Klondike gold fields if interior Canada. In the 1890s, miners would take a train across America to San Francisco, load on a ship and sail north to Skagway. Each miner was required by the Canadian government to carry a minimum of one year’s worth of supplies – about one ton of gear and food. The miners would touch land in Skagway and need to climb up the canyon from Skagway to the Chillcoot pass to enter the plateau of the gold fields farther in Canada. Each miner needed to make the trek carrying all of his supplies up over the pass. This trip could take up to 2-3 days each time and to carry his one ton of gear, could require 30-40 trips.

In the end, most of these miners seeking fortune failed. Most of the ones who profited from the Klondike gold strike were the business people who supplied goods and service to the miners.

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Cruise ships at the end of the street.

Took the train up the canyon.

Red Onion classic bar – 120 years old.

This was creepy.

Yes, there is weed here for the summer workers.

Found Sasquatch.