1589-To Anchorage, AK

I was in Destruction Bay, Yukon and was two days out from Anchorage. I looked at the weather and the day after next it is was going to rain like hell all the way to Anchorage and be very cold. That’s the worst kind of riding possible – wet and cold. So I decided the next morning to get up early and do the entire run from Destruction Bay, YT to Anchorage, AK – 575 miles of two-lane mountain roads in one day. It was the biggest ride of the trip and took me eleven hours. The weather was great and I muscled it all the way to Anchorage. The next day in Anchorage, is rained like hell and was nasty across the entire region. Great decision on the last day. I was destroyed when I got to Anchorage, but made it unscathed and safe.

[vimeo id=”275748273″ width=”620″ height=”360″]