161-Bears In The Neighborhood – Alaska

Here are photos of the bear that tried to break in to my neighbors apartment. The photos were taken by nearby residents who live about a mile away. They were on the local newspaper’s web site.


bear2Here kitty, here kitty.

bear1Didn’t I leave that sandwich back here?

As Rodney Dangerfield said, “I get no respect.” I have my first troubling bear incident and share it with my friends and family and this is the response I get.

My sister writes:
When bears approach, say, “Look into my eyes.” When you become conscious, know that you have met a challenge and won. Or, know that we know have something to put on your tombstone.

My friend John in Texas writes:
Wow!  That sounds like fun!  You see, if you had a dog (300 lbs. dog) named Balto he would have protected you. The .44 mag is a good idea. Personally I would go with a Colt Python .357 mag. They’re a little bit easier to handle. But every locality has hazards. Around here in Texas, one must worry about snakes and rednecks. A 12 gage shotgun is best for that threat!

My friend Dean in New Orleans writes:
Bears are so stupid!! I gave him your address and he said he mapquested you and would stop by and give you a real welcome.

My friend Chris in Los Angeles writes:
Grow the proper equipment (beard) and the animals will welcome you.


My son tells me:
Dad, you need to get a Barrett 50 caliber rifle.


I think I’ll mount this on the front of my bike.

 With this kind of support from afar, who needs to worry about a local mauling.