162-North Pole, AK

Think back on your childhood and ask yourself, “How many times did I write to Santa as a kid?” At school as a class assignment; at home hoping to smooth over Santa for your bad behavior; or just because you were grateful for Santa for bring presents to kids all over the world. Well, for any of these reasons, you mailed it to Santa Claus – North Pole, AK.

As a kid, I wrote Santa many times. Now that I was in Fairbanks, there was no excuse for not making the pilgrimage – eleven miles away. I visited the Post Office, where much of the kids mail came, and down the street to Santa’s house where he lives year round. Santa and Mrs. Claus were at home and in photo position so I had to do the deed. I told Santa I wrote as a kid many times, but he told me to sit on his knee anyway. We had a nice chat about Alaska and the world, snapped a photo and I said “On Donner, On Blitzen, and then ran out of the room. Naaaaaa. Santa and Mrs. Claus were cool so I told them I would send another letter this year. Santa looked at me and said no. He then directed me to his staff who had small bags of coal. Santa looked at me and said, “Obviously you have been a naughty boy lately, so you get one of these. Santa was correct again.

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=north+pole,+AK&hl=en&ll=64.736641,-147.304687&spn=24.516846,66.884766&sll=60.943441,-149.170303&sspn=0.212764,0.522537&t=h&hnear=North+Pole,+Fairbanks+North+Star,+Alaska&z=4 “]


Did you really think I wouldn’t do this?

santa7This is always a cool photo for kids. In case Santa tries to burn the house down.

santa5Santa’s address.


santa3In case of unruly elves or hallucinogenic reindeer.

santa2The Post Office is on this street.

santa1Would you want it any other way?

coalI bet you thought I was kidding about the bag of coal.