165-Golden Days Parade – Fairbanks, AK

This was the “Golden Days” parade through Fairbanks, AK. Does it get any more “middle America” than this? I thought it was cute, homespun, and fun for all of the kids. Anyone could be in the parade from churches, scouts, businesses, political parties, little girls with goats, to PFLAG. Everyone got to share their message.

parade11Rubber Duckie contest. Buy a donation duckie and if yours is the first one down the
river you win $10,000 or something.

parade10Even this little girls goat and rooster were in the parade.

parade9Go PFLAG go.

parade8High-powered local business.


parade6Fat Elvis returns. Thank you very much!!!

parade5The Dukes were present. Unfortunately Daisy weighed 300 pounds.

parade4Every local fire jurisdiction sent a truck. Little boys were (okay I was) excited.

parade3Shiloh Shepherds weighing about 150 pounds. each.

parade2Girl Scouts – “Alaska’s Most Valuable Resources.”

parade1Grand Marshall – albino moose.