166-Curling – Fairbanks, AK

I saw this in Fairbanks, AK. I know it gets really cold in Fairbanks, but I didn’t know it also froze your brain. This is the “sport” where you sweep a polished stone on the ice. Apparently there is close to nothing to do during the winter in Fairbanks.


If these people want to sweep, they can come to my house weekly.

curling2Circa 1909 curling. It still looks like this. Old men with brooms.
(Photo stolen from the web)

I received this in response to this post.

Pshaw. You know full well it’s also a sport for young, athletic Olympians even as the recreational curlers continue at their recreational level. And I know you know this because your blogposts are well-written and amusing.
This indicates intelligence. Have you tried it? You should. You would be very surprised, and sore as all hell.

Then your comments would have some weight. And they’d prolly be different.




I am glad someone is reading this blog. Thank you Curling News.