170-Boat Race – Fairbanks, AK

This was the only extreme activity at the “Golden Days.” These specially built boats compete on the shallow Alaskan rivers on long races. Alaskan rivers are filled with ever changing sand and gravel bars, logs, and floating trees. These boats can shoot over these features at 70 mph. This particular race was over 400 miles long. 200 miles today in about 3 1/2 hours and the same back the next day. Each boat had to have a 50 horsepower engine or less and a minimum of 490 pounds of human cargo. This required each driver to have two passengers on board. They would lay on the front of the boat as it cruised along at 70 mph. All of the boats were from Eskimo families who regularly fish the rivers. These boats have no other purpose than to race. Great pride was taken on being the winner of this prestigious event. There is one other race that is 800 miles long that goes further down into the Yukon river.

Yukon_watershed(Stolen from the web)

race570 mph on a river that is only a foot or so deep.


race3Driver and two crew.

race2Similar to a dragster.