179-Simpsons Alive In Alaska

I’m not a great fan of the Simpsons, but I went to the movie for one reason only – to see Homer and his family escape to Alaska. I sat in a mixed child and adult audience in a theater in Anchorage and laughed along with most of the gags and jokes. The biggest laughs were the jokes about Alaska. When Homer decides to escape, he unfurls a poster of a picturesque Alaskan scene with the title “Alaska, A Fresh Start.” Homer then says, “Alaska – where you can’t be too fat, or too drunk.” This got a huge laugh from the adult portion of the audience. When the family gets to the Alaskan border check point, the guard says, “Welcome to Alaska. Here’s your $1,000.” When Homer asks what the money is for, the guard answers, “It’s a payment from the oil companies so they can continue to decimate the natural landscape.” This comment also got a huge laugh (This payment is real. Each year Alaskan residents receive a check from the Alaskan Permanent Fund that is basically a tax on oil revenues. The fund is now worth over $40 billion and this year’s payment will be about $1,800 per person.) More jokes were about Eskimos, dog sledding, native vision quests, and other Alaskan cultural experiences. Since a good portion of the movie had Homer doing stupid stuff in Alaska, I am glad to have seen the movie here and enjoyed the laughs with the locals.

simpsonsEscape to Alaska. Hmmm, sounds familiar.