194-Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair is an annual tradition that brings out more “local color” than probably any other statewide event. The “local color” issue was so obvious, that I had to ask a longtime Alaska residents for an explanation. I approached the subject gingerly by saying I had experienced more “local color” than I expected at the fair. The local resident said to me, “Oh, you got to see “valley people.” I asked, “What are “valley people?“ I was answered slowly with, “You know, V-A-L-L-E-Y P-E-O-P-L-E.” “Oh, like in the movie Deliverance?” “YES!” they retorted. I now have a better understanding of another strata of Alaskan residents. Not everybody lives in a condo.

Here are some photos from the fair. Picture yourself in Iowa riding these same rides and going to the same shows. It’s a classic state fair in every sense.

fair9No kidding, the vegetables really are that big here. 75 pounds!!!


fair7Need I say more?


fair5Cheesy haunted house hosted by a scary balloon-headed man.

fair4Have to have the required puker – the tilt-a-whirl.