195-Demo Derby – Alaska State Fair

One of the main reasons I went to the Alaska State Fair was for demolition derby. I have watched the event many times on television, but never live. It was so much fun watching the people watch the cars crash. It was a people watching spectacle. All of the drivers were locals with cars painted and decorated in outlandish colors and designs. All of the drivers used big, heavy, late model American cars with large trunk areas (since they would use the rear of their car for the smashing). Cars included 20-years old Ford LTD station wagons, Lincoln Marquis, Chevy Caprice and other behemoths. One lone driver came out in a Ford Taurus and was destroyed in the first 15 seconds of the competition. Check out the action on the video and listen to the audience scream out with every big crash. It was so much fun, I will go again.

[vimeo id=”81523136″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

demo3The winner – the Shark Car.


demo1Drivers waiting for the start to run to their cars and start smashing.