2-More Than I Expected – France

I am getting around on public transportation – the bus. A couple of days ago I needed to go to the large shopping area and no one here had ever done it before on the bus. So I went to the bus stop anyway with my trusty mini-dictionary and the name of the mall. When the bus came I asked the driver in French if he was going to this particular mall. He said yes and jabbered some fast French to me and we took off. At one of the stops he turned and jabbered more in fast French and pointed to the bus stop across the street and held up one finger and said in fast French, “Bus un.” This happened two more times with different drivers and bus stops. It took over an hour and three bus changes to eventually get there. Everyone was extremely helpful. As long as you tried to speak French and were pleasant, bus drivers, passengers, store clerks, managers, and restaurant people all went out of their way to help. One bus driver actually took my mini-dictionary from me and looked up the word I needed to understand him. This was more than I expected.