201-Lap Dance For Tupperware – Anchorage, AK

Lap Dance For Tupperware

Apparently a Tupperware party means something else up here in Alaska. This weekend I went to the final day of the Downtown Farmer’s Market. I knew there was a Tupperware booth and they had a salad spinner I wanted. I went into the woman’s Tupperware Party booth and said I wanted to purchase the salad spinner and gave her my credit card. She processed the transaction and told me that the charged amount would appear on my credit card statement as ___ Club (unfortunately I can’t give you the name of the club since people carry concealed weapons up here). I asked here if this was a bar and she nodded. So I asked her if she was running her Tupperware business through a bar and she nodded. I left the marketplace and on my way home had to drove past the “club” to see what it was. Sho’nuff, just as I sooooooospected – titty bar. And now you understand why I think a Tupperware party means something else up here in Alaska.

241I didn’t know this deal was available with a lap dance?

poleGet your cake taker, get your cake taker right here!

nudeWait until I get my salad spinner wrapped around that pole.

gangAnd what’s this guy thinking about. The super tight seal?