202-Bush With A Capital “B” – Alaska

Up here in Alaska any community that is not “on the road system” is deemed to be “in the Bush.” And yes, Bush, in this context, is spelled with a capital “B.” There is another type of bush (small “b”) that is also not “on the road system.” This is the strip club “bush” named by Alaskan trackers, hunters, and mushers. This usage of  “bush” (with a small “b”) is commonly used in such phrases as, “Let’s go snare some ___,” “That’s the biggest ___I’ve ever seen,” “Don’t catch anything from that ___,” and  “That’s a healthy patch of ___.”

I’ve also have grown to appreciated double entendre when it is subtly used. Unfortunately up here in Alaska, double entendre often comes as a 2 X 4 up the side of your head. One of the most famous strip clubs in town is called “The Great Alaskan Bush Co.” You decide if it’s clever or boorish.