203-Only In Alaska

Each year the local weekly rag (the Press) publishes its “Best of” picks. This year the picks included such establishments as the best bar, restaurant, sushi bar, bookstore, clothing store, market, etc. But, only in Alaska do the “Best of 2007” picks include:

Best Place to Pick Up a Prostitute
Even if the temperature is below zero, the girls are still out there in their snowsuits and nylon stockings. Go figure.
Best Place for Public Sex
The Nordstrom’s and JC Penney’s garage elevator even got in the running.
Best Adult Novelty Store
Where you can purchase a plus-sized blowup doll. Now that’s disgusting!
Best Meat Market Bar
This club is on the street where the hookers hang out.

I guess when it gets cold here, every guy needs his icicle melted or his chestnuts roasted on an open fire. Go figure.

press2This is a cool local weekly rag.

press1I love a good dirty contest!